Ceremony of Damnation Pt​.​1

by Gods & Punks

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The follow-up to our debut album is a three-part project. We're releasing two EPs and an album this year. The first part, Ceremony of Damnation Pt.1, features a more complex, darker tone than it's predecessors. Personal lyrics, rhythmic riffs and lower tuning blend with it's overall atmosphere to reflect the moment the band went through in the composing and recording of these songs. We urge you to step inside the tomb with us on this one - take the first step, it'll be a long, proggy, doomy year.


released May 25, 2018

Music by Gods & Punks
Lyrics by Alexandre Canhetti
Mixed by Arthur Rodrigues
Mastered by Arthur Rodrigues
Recorded live in Estúdio MATA in February 18th, 1974
Artwork by Cristiano Suarez
Backing Vocals in Ground Zero by Leah Hart




Gods & Punks Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Strange Riffage from South of the Equator.

Alexandre - Vocals
Pedro - Lead Guitar
Danilo - Bass
Psy - Rhythm Guitar
Arthur - Drums

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Track Name: Welcome to the Ceremony
Welcome to the Ceremony

Step inside the tomb
Ruins of an ancient doom
Chambers of forgotten lands
Buried by the weight of sand

For some meaning to life
You refuse to enlight
As the greatest of lies
Fills your mind with delight

Witness the gatherings of the choir
Summoned by pain, enchained by fear
Worship the light or burn in fire
Rejoice the turning of the gear

As for one sacrifice
We gave all of our lives
Sold our souls and minds
Sold all of our kind
Track Name: Ground Zero
Ground Zero

I remember these times
I know are not mine
Trying not to be pulled back inside
Right back into my mind

And as sun rays descend
Right in front of my eyes
I go back to the time
Where it started to slide

The void inside my brain
Calls me by the name
The beast I try to tame

Seemed like so much delight
Endless ray of sunshine
But your mind it has tricks up its sleeve
So theres nowhere to hide

I’ve been down one way
I’ve been down the other
There’s no difference, honey
So why even bother

The moment in time
Before all these signs began to rise
Track Name: Blood Moon Sky
Blood Moon Sky

Unworthy lives
Shallow inside
We’re bones and meat
So full of pride

And in the night
Cursed by the light
You feel it rise
The Blood Moon Sky

Your worst companion resides
Deep in the depths of your mind
Your greatest fear it grows
Like poison roots in your soul

Between dimensions these black holes collide
Breaking resistance, melting mankind Heaviest clouds and the rise of the tide
Washing away all the hate in our eyes

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