Into the Dunes of Doom

by Gods & Punks

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The follow up to our EP: Into the Dunes of Doom. Our debut album. These seven songs were composed up in the attic of Alexandre's and Pedro's house, somewhere in Rio de Janeiro. Finding that desert vibe in the middle of the forest wasn't an easy job - we really needed to get into our heads before each rehearsal - forget where we were, who we where, how long we were there for and focus on these seven songs. Each one of them has a part in the listener's journey and in the bigger story and are there to make a balanced listen - from the stoner Dunes of Doom to the rock and roll Signs of Life, the psychness of Mushroom Cloud and the progressive monster The Encounter, we wanted to create moments. The day we recorded this album was one of those days we felt we had done our jobs - and this was what we had to offer. Dunes is the debut album we had always dreamed of making.


released October 13, 2017

All music by Gods & Punks
Lyrics by Alexandre Canhetti
Mixed by Arthur Rodrigues
Mastered by Andre Leal and Kleber Mariano at Estúdio Jukebox
Recorded live in Estúdio MATA in July 29th and 30th, 1973.
Artwork by Cristiano Suarez




Gods & Punks Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Strange Riffage from South of the Equator.

Alexandre - Vocals
Pedro - Lead Guitar
Danilo - Bass
Psy - Rhythm Guitar
Arthur - Drums

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Track Name: Dunes of Doom
Dunes of Doom

When I fell from reddened skies
Brought you greed a thousand lies
Beneath the star that burns all these wasted lands
Dunes of doom the skies descend

With my gifts I bring demise
Impending doom to agonize
To every living thing and every grain of sand
Dunes of doom the skies descend

I fell into the fire
I fell into the land
As the ruins go higher
The horizons they blend

Turbulent echoes throughout silent voids
Man to machine and creature to droid
Love incarnates into a physical form
Showing mankind how there is no norm

Falling through fields of different dimensions
Killing ourselves to relieve of our tensions
Everyone knows it's not what it seems
We are all living in transparent dreams
Track Name: Civilization

We altered landscapes
For bloody glory
And raped the world
To tell our story
We measure progress
By our own scale
And cherish excess
With souls for sale

Look to the sight
Of our extinction
And feel the fright
The endless crimson
Entitled gods
Behave like satan
So put an end to

The biggest plague upon the earth
We terminate since our birth

Putting one kind above em all
As it will rise the rest shall fall
Track Name: Signs of Life
Signs of Life

A mind afar
An empty stare
Is all you are

As vanity
Reflects the lust
Turns minds to dust

By candlelight
A burial site
The deepest voice
Trapped in your mind
Immersed In Drugs
No Signs of Life

By Candlelight
A burial site
The deepest voice
Trapped in your mind
Immersed In Drugs
No Signs of Life
Track Name: Subatomic Wormhole
Subatomic Wormhole

To the beginning
I part from the end
Lines that are thinning
Since you drew in the sand

Event horizons
Deep in your mind
Spin counterclockwise
In Space/time aligned

Open a doorway
Through destiny's wall
Comes our yesterday
From curtain call

We share the same space and
We share the same time
We're only divided
By a dimensional crime
Track Name: The Encounter
The Encounter

When the sudden light
Came to me
Then I realized
What you see
Fell from reddened skies
Right inside our mind
Plant the seed

With a broken soul
Broken cause
Self entitled gods
No applause
With the blackened smoke
I awoke
With that energy
You invoked

Into the night
Lost all my sight
Outside of my mind

The brightest of lights
Shun upon the skies

Forsaken my race
Broken a bond
Stare into space
And what lies beyond
Beyond space and stars
Calls from afar
Down falls the rain
Still life remains

Beyond blackened arts
Lie shattered hearts
Lay broken minds
All of mankind
By candlelight
Sights of your doom
Dormant in time
The end of the line

Back to the night
Blinded by lights
The last of my kind

All will ever be
All that was
Pleased by energy
Pleased by lust
Held by severed hands
In the void
Lost in wasted lands
With no voice

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