The Sounds of the Earth - EP

by Gods & Punks

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The EP that started - and ended - it all. "Sounds" was recorded in a day, and composed in 6 months. This is the reflection of a new line-up starting to play and compose together.


released July 27, 2016

Gods & Punks:

Alexandre Canhetti - Vocals
Pedro Canhetti - Lead Guitar
Danilo Oliveira - Bass
Rafael "Psy" Daltro - Rhythm Guitar
Arthur Rodrigues - Drums

Recorded live at Estúdio Superfuzz in July 2nd, 1972.
Mixed by Fellipe Mesquita
Mastered by Gabriel Zander
Album art by Cristiano Suarez




Gods & Punks Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Strange Riffage from South of the Equator.

Alexandre - Vocals
Pedro - Lead Guitar
Danilo - Bass
Psy - Rhythm Guitar
Arthur - Drums

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Track Name: Eye In The Sky
Eye In The Sky

The solid smoke fills all the holes in the sky
Just as you choke and slowly wait till you die
The shapeless firefly swims through the unknown
The soaring mantis cuts through wind that is blown

As lust flows through your veins, it clears you of thoughts
And you became someone you thought you were not
Past lives filled you with memories you forgot
To see them you must unsee all you have sought

The seas will rise
The stars will fall
Eye In The Sky
Celestial call
The sacrifice
Eternal fall
Eye In The Sky
To end it all
Track Name: The Tusk
The Tusk

Don't know just where to begin
So fast it just won't let me win
You know how to raise all my fire
I know you're so violent and wild

See the sign that I made with my hand
Showing you how the world's gonna end
It's too late you have lived full of sin
The eternal flames will burn from within

Gone, gone too far
Gone to waste
Gone to mars
Outer space
Turn to ash
Turn to dust
All your steel
Turned to rust
All your body
In disgrace
All your story
Out of place
Shattered down
By your lust
Now it's time you feel the tusk
Track Name: Black Apples
Black Apples

In the wake of the night
By the silence alone
Would you look at my eyes
And step down from your throne

Leaves are blown by the wind
Under dry hollow trees
As the planets they spin
And the satellites freeze

You were offered a way
With a high price to pay
Nothing's really for free
Close your eye and you'll see

Black desire embraced
Feel the presence and curse
Look to me with disgrace
Look to me with disgust
Track Name: Universe

The sound of the chimes will echo in time
Across the expanding universe

I still hide behind the depth of my rhymes
Across the expanding universe

You hold up your tears and tell me your fine
As the black of the universe

I look to the sky and imagine the size
Of the one expanding universe

Existence in doubt, a silence so loud
The vast emptiness of the universe

Alone after all, in a distance a call
Unanswered upon the universe

And for how many lifetimes will the millions of sun shine?
Across the expanding universe

You cease to exist, from dust turned to mist
Across the expanding universe

God throws a joke and lucifer smokes
As they stare at the box called universe

For every stone left unturned, for every soul hell has burned
There's a star fading in the universe
Track Name: Gravity

You spinned the orb of the blind
You messed with the unknown
I found what I could not find
And now the seed was sown

It ain't gravity drawing you to me
Must be chemistry, do we both agree?
It ain't gravity drawing you to me
Could be sorcery, baby, can't you see?

So light 'em up now

My protons will elevate
Their state in dimension
And I will disintegrate
Along with your tension

It ain't gravity drawing you to me
Must be chemistry, do we both agree?
It ain't gravity drawing you to me
Could be sorcery, baby, can't you see?

Go now, find your love, don't keep him waiting
You showed me the depth of your thoughts
Go now, turn around and run away 'cause
You gotta go before they rot

What we both got is like religion
But we can't repeat these empty words
The stars will align with all of our love and
Suns will collide with every touch

It ain't gravity drawing you to me
Must be chemistry, do we both agree?
It ain't gravity drawing you to me
Could be sorcery, baby, can't you see?

It ain't gravity drawing you to me
It ain't gravity drawing you to me

Oh my darling, give up your mind
And embrace the way you were designed

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