The sound of the chimes will echo in time
Across the expanding universe

I still hide behind the depth of my rhymes
Across the expanding universe

You hold up your tears and tell me your fine
As the black of the universe

I look to the sky and imagine the size
Of the one expanding universe

Existence in doubt, a silence so loud
The vast emptiness of the universe

Alone after all, in a distance a call
Unanswered upon the universe

And for how many lifetimes will the millions of sun shine?
Across the expanding universe

You cease to exist, from dust turned to mist
Across the expanding universe

God throws a joke and lucifer smokes
As they stare at the box called universe

For every stone left unturned, for every soul hell has burned
There's a star fading in the universe


from The Sounds of the Earth - EP, released July 27, 2016
Written by Gods & Punks:

A. Canhetti - Vocals
P. Canhetti - Lead Guitar
D. Oliveira - Bass
R. Daltro - Rhythm Guitar
A. Rodrigues - Drums

Recorded live at Estúdio Superfuzz in July 2nd, 2016.
Mixed by Fellipe Mesquita
Mastered by Gabriel Zander
Album art by Cristiano Suarez




Gods & Punks Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Strange Riffage from South of the Equator.

Alexandre - Vocals
Pedro - Lead Guitar
Danilo - Bass
Psy - Rhythm Guitar
Arthur - Drums

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